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Welcome to MVC Tec

 We are based in Cape Town

     We clean & service engines

Before replacing your vehicle’s engine parts, try us.

A dirty engine as the result of carbon deposits are hazards to your vehicle’s engine.


Everyday use of your vehicle leads to the gradual accumulation of carbon deposits throughout the engine and exhaust system.

We can help!


 We are a experienced Oxy-Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning service center working on both petrol and diesel engines.



We remove carbon aka black soot deposits from petrol & diesel engines that hardens on the cylinder head, piston heads, top of valves and injector nozzles, which can affect engine performance, resulting in higher oil consumption, engine knocking or overheating, it restore engine performance & fuel consumption etc.


The Benefits of Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning

  • Improves fuel consumption
  • Restores engine performance and improves power
  • Improves intermittent acceleration and reduces engine noise 
  • Improves your car’s idling 
  • Increase engine life span  
  • Lowers emissions
  • Prevents wear of expensive engine parts

Your car becomes our number 1 focus and we believe that a car is a long term commitment and something you cannot ignore. Our plan is to help you manage the inevitable costs of maintain a good running machine. 


Great Service

Was skeptical at first but after the carbon cleansing the stink dark smoke on my 2006 Ford Ranger TD with over 600 000 kms has reduced significantly with vehicle pulling much ‘lighter’. Still busy monitoring fuel consumption but happy with initial tests and performance. J Matthews

Very Imressed

I am so far very impressed with the Oxy-Hydrogen Engine carbon cleaning, my Bmw, are performing much better now, a smoother drive, lower engine noises as well, there are definitely a change on the fuel consumption for the better.
A Damonse.

Awesome & on time service

 I would Definitely recommend you do a carbon clean at MVC. I would like to thank Virgil Vee Damonse of MVC Tec for the awesome and on time service , After the Carbon clean my car was more responsive and much stronger.
N De Vries

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